About us


as the country so the people

Early 2013 my dream, Casa Daniele , became reality, it was completed and thus ready. However, I can not stop to make my little happiness more beautiful.

In addition to beautiful flora, fauna has to offer a lot on our land now. On my property, next to my dogs and cats also live ducks ,chickens and geese.

I have made my dream come true ...



a piece of paradise for you and for me!

CasaDaniele  is located in the "Maremma Lazio" area, on the borders with Tuscany. Near the city of Canino, which is known as the city of oil.

Located in the lowlands, open to the sea, can be found an Italian ambiance almost meditative calm and relaxation. Away from high-traffic roads or the noises of the city you can enjoy the flair of the Toscana limitless.

From here comfortable excursions can be planned to four different angles.

Or just relax in the sun and bathe in our hot volcanic waters. Just as you like it. No pressure, no stress, just be free and let your spirits soar.

More about myself

I come from the martial art that I had exercised over 43 years in Germany (Karate Studio DAN, in Reutlingen). If wished, you can also enjoy private lessons . Talk to me.

I am often asked why I have established just in this part of Italy. The main reason is the volcanic thermal water that I enjoy on my property to the fullest .

I hope you will choose a holiday at CasaDaniele and I am already looking forward meeting you!